Live Anchor Operations Manager (Arabic)

Location: United Arab Emirates
Date Posted: April 25, 2020
Job ID: 4599
Employment Type: Permanent
  • Responsible for recruitment and training of platform anchors, design activities and promote strategies 
  • Responsible for the increase of popularity, number of fans and income of anchors through proper strategies
  • Responsible for tracking and analysis of the operating data of anchors, and improve the quality of the anchors' content based on the results
  • Responsible for communication with anchors and increase anchors' broadcasting rate and retention in the live platform

  • Requirements:
    • Fluency in English - excellent communication skills 
    • Candidates must be able to speak in Arabic - French is a plus
    • Experience in user operations or live streaming industry 
    • Bachelors degree
    • Candidates must have at least 1-8 years of experience only 
    Salary: up to 25k 
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