Ecommerce Product Manager - London

Location: United Kingdom
Date Posted: June 09, 2021
Job ID: 5043
Employment Type: Permanent
Responsibilities: - Work and collaborate with cross-cultural and cross-functional teams. Determine the product solution and roadmap for E-commerce major stakeholders including sellers, buyers, and creators; - Identify business needs, formulate product solutions and implement product features; - Gathering and unearthing user needs through data analysis, competitive research and any other relevant tools. Position Requirements?
- Bachelor's degree or above; 
- 3+ years experience in E-commerce product management. Familiar with drafting BRD/MRD/PRD;
- Has excellent interpersonal, communication skills and data sense, critical-thinker, and problem-solver;
- Ability to communicate effectively and manage relationships with stakeholders coming from both technical and non-technical backgrounds.
UK - Based in LONDON

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